Papa Fike's Fike'n Awesome Salt 'n Vinegar Seasoning (3-PACK)

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Craving flavor-packed, guilt-free meals? Look no further than Papa Fike's seasoning collection. With Papa Fike's, you can enjoy the goodness of tasty food without the added sugar and MSG.

Introducing our versatile salt 'n vinegar seasoning, a culinary delight crafted for those who savor the tangy and savory notes of this classic combination. This exceptional seasoning blend elevates the flavors of chicken, popcorn, and potatoes with its zesty profile, leaving your taste buds tingling with delight. What sets it apart is its commitment to health-conscious choices, as it contains no added sugar or MSG, ensuring a pure and wholesome experience. Furthermore, it caters to a gluten-free lifestyle, making it an inclusive choice for a wide range of dietary preferences. Elevate your meals with the bold and distinctive taste of our salt 'n vinegar seasoning, bringing a burst of flavor without compromising on health or dietary needs.