Papa Fike's Fike'n Awesome Seasoning (Variety 3-PACK)

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Craving flavor-packed, guilt-free meals? Look no further than Papa Fike's seasoning collection. With Papa Fike's, you can enjoy the goodness of tasty food without the added sugar and MSG.

Enjoy our Flavor Trio Pack, a culinary trifecta that's set to transform your kitchen adventures. This pack features our zesty salt 'n vinegar seasoning, perfect for adding a tangy kick to chicken, popcorn, and potatoes. Pair that with our robust blackened seasoning, crafted for enhancing the flavors of chicken, seafood, steak, pork, and potatoes, offering a versatile blend for various dishes. Finally, our all-purpose original blend ties it all together, ensuring a well-rounded and savory touch to any meal. What makes this trio exceptional is its commitment to quality, with each blend containing no added sugar or MSG and being gluten-free. Elevate your cooking game with this dynamic trio, your go-to set for creating flavorful, wholesome, and diverse dishes that cater to a range of tastes and dietary preferences.