Papa Fike's Fike'n Awesome Seasoning (Make Your Own 3-PACK)

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Craving flavor-packed, guilt-free meals? Look no further than Papa Fike's seasoning collection. With Papa Fike's, you can enjoy the goodness of tasty food without the added sugar and MSG.

Creating your own 3-pack with flavors like blackened, original blend, and salt 'n vinegar offers a delightful journey for your taste buds. The bold and robust essence of blackened seasoning infuses a smoky and spicy kick, adding depth to your culinary experience. Meanwhile, the original blend provides a timeless classic flavor, ensuring a well-balanced and familiar taste. To complete the trio, salt 'n vinegar brings a tangy and savory twist, elevating the combination to new heights. This personalized selection promises a diverse and exciting range of flavors, perfect for those who appreciate a mix of traditional and innovative tastes in their snacks or meals.