Papa Fike's Fike'n Awesome Original Seasoning

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Craving flavor-packed, guilt-free meals? Look no further than Papa Fike's seasoning collection. With Papa Fike's, you can enjoy the goodness of tasty food without the added sugar and MSG.

Introducing Papa Fike's Original Blend – the ultimate all-purpose seasoning you've been waiting for! With this versatile seasoning, you can elevate the flavor of any dish without worrying about its ingredients. Whether you're cooking eggs, veggies, beef, chicken, tacos, or soups, this seasoning is your perfect companion. Say goodbye to the hassle of experimenting with different seasonings – Papa Fike's Original Blend takes care of the proportions for you. Simply flip the cap, sprinkle it on your food, and let the magic happen. No more second-guessing, just delicious meals every time. Plus, enjoy the convenience of FREE SHIPPING with every order! Spice up your culinary adventures with Papa Fike's Original Blend today! 

  • No sugar
  • No MSG
  • 6 simple ingredients to make food taste awesome!



Bottle Details:

  • Flip and Sift Cap
  • 5 in. height
  • 2 in. diameter
  • Net weight: 6 oz.